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 Experts in Energy Consulting & LED Lighting Conversions.


We are an energy consulting firm specializing in energy savings utilizing the newest, most reliable LED lighting technologies for industrial and commercial businesses.

Over the past five years, we have methodically built a professional, honest and respectable business with a highly satisfied customer base.

Whether you have interior office spaces, warehouse, or exterior lighting that you would like to "upgrade" to reliable energy saving LED lighting, we can do the job.

We focus on providing the correct lighting (color, brightness, dimming, Bluetooth, etc.) for each application within your business. Also, our short ROI's means immediate savings for you and a quick return on investment.

We have successfully installed, service, and warranty thousands of fixtures, bulbs, lamps, and tubes throughout Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire, and the Coachella Valley.

We also work directly with your power company to ensure compliance/regulations will be met, and to capture any and all incentive or rebate opportunities available to your business.

Call us today for a "no-cost" money savings energy analysis and lighting upgrade proposal for your business,
(We will need to know your current time-of-use (TOU) category (TIER) and your past 12 months power bills.

References available upon request.

New Vision Energy Solutions, LLC.
"Making a difference one watt at a time"

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P: 714-230-6255


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